nom nom i made this: yes, virginia, there IS a healthy meatball

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ok so here is my second post dedicated to becko to give her cookspiration.

as some of you know, the boyfriend and i have been trying to eat healthy in an attempt to not be fatasses sitting in front of cable watching hours of game of thrones curb his headaches and be overall feeling better.

now i am not a salad type of girl. i am not even gonna pretend that lettuce with the dressing on the side is delish. i don’t care how much you insist. it isn’t. and the reason why i am telling you this is because if i can find a way to feel satisfied with less carbs and more veggies, i PROMISE you, you can too. may i direct you to exhibit a:

so a few days ago, i was reaaally craving spaghetti and meatballs. i kinda wanted swedish meatballs too. so i sorta bastardized them into this:

spaghetti squash with mushroom sage sauce and meatballs

ok, yeah, so that’s just the sauce. i know. i was a tired mess last night and forgot to take a pic of the final product. but i promise there are more than enough photos and the full recipe after the jump!

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lunchspiration: healthy and pretty, for @wreckobecko

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smoked salmon  rolls with avocado tomato salad NOMZ:

this is my future children’s breakfast.

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via a lot of gross pics on buzzfeed.

nom nom i made this: when life gives you kale, make kaley pizza things

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so as some of you know, i am on a health kick. day 15 of daily gym, gentes! you should be proud. and in addition to this, the boyfriend and i are saying no gracias to carbs and sugars for a month. a MONTH. he is doing it hardcore; i agreed to give up anything but booze. baby girl needs a vice.


aaanyway, so my foodie bestie Katie was all about this because let’s face it, we talk about what we ate/are eating/are going to eat like, every day. food challenge! the best! i told her about our crazy diet and how i was craving pizza like a motherfucker, and she immediately suggested that i make this kale chicken sausage thing that she thought would fill the Roberta’s-shaped hole in my heart. and it did!

and! and! and! the awesome becko was like, “ooooh, show me what you’re cooking!”

so in honor of two of my favorite ladies, i am dedicating this first post of my new “nom nom i made this” series to becko and Katie, Katie for the inspiration, becko for the idea.

also, FYI, dunno if i will always have the time to write out the recipes i am making up, but i will do my best! i do promise you pics regardless.

Kale with cannoli beans, chicken sausage, crushed peppers and tomato over red quinoa


-bunch of fresh kale, washed and chopped
-one can of crushed tomatoes, no salt added
-one can of cannoli beans, drained
-3 garlic cloves, diced
-half an onion, julienned in half-moons
-1 tbs cumin
-1 tbs adobo
-italian seasoning
-2 cups cooked red quinoa (you basically just boil it and then add a teaspoon of butter to it)


so i am a fan of fun, fairly easy delicious recipes. maybe it’s because i am not a baker. or maybe it’s because i like everything to taste like garlic probably 90% of the time, but hey! it is what it is. so here’s what you do:

drizzle about 2 tbs of olive oil on a pan. when it’s warm, sautee the garlic, onions, italian seasoning, cumin and adobo until the onions get all soft and shiny. then add the kale, tomatoes (undrained) and the drained cannoli beans. cook until the kale gets soft and bright and then add crushed red pepper flakes on top. when you are done, it should look like this:

slice the chicken sausage into medallions. on a separate pan, cook until golden brown.

then put some of the quinoa in a bowl, add the kale, tomato and bean sautee on top, and top it with the chicken sausage. voila!

there you go, chol@s. you should know that when making a crust-less quiche, nutmeg is AWESOME. and i also made delicious over-crisp, carb free chicken fingers. i swear. i SWEAR. i did not take photos, but OMG. they really were awesome.


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ok, i need a moment to regain composture. so here i am, doing my little radio thing and editing all along, when my jefa brings up something that made me do a double take:

and so my jefa played some el vez for me.

wait, an addendum: for those of you who, like me, did not know who el vez was, allow me to enlighten you.

this is el vez:

el vez is a mexican american elvis impersonator. apparently he has elvettes, aka la priscila y la ana maria as his back up singers. and here are some of his album covers:

to enjoy the fine musical stylings of el vez, including “you ain’t nothin’ but a chihuahua,” check this out.


thoughts on finding a mexican, dragons, the pryce sucker punch and other ish i like.

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tomorrow i have to go find a mexican for my new job. not just any mexican–a tortilla-making one. which made one of my coworkers show me what happens when you try to google map “a mexican.”

which made me revisit one of my favorite mexican blogs and lo and behold! THIS BLOG SPEAKS TO MY LIFE:


but really. Game of Thrones is my new favorite HBO show. it is so good i don’t even know how to handle it. i had NO idea i could sink to those levels of nerdiness. but there i went. and it is a sweet, sweet, spellbound world.

also, fuckin’ joffrey. i wanna go all Pryce v. Campbell on him (rest in peace).

oh man oh man. blogging is hard. siiigh.

i feel like i need training wheels again. that and i am beat from a health kick slash real gym kick in the ass i got today. i am on my fifth day in a row of gym hell. also, i almost passed out on the subway. so, like, get off my back. better posts later!


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i wrote a blog post! holy effin shit.

it’s crazy, i know, but today at my new jobz (yeah, i’m allowed to call it a new job til like august) i was showing my boss my old posts and i was like, well this is weird. i forgot i used to do this.

clearly this habit needs to be picked back up.

so, check it out. my fellow nerd gurl arielle sent me a link to something awesome today, and rather than just chatting it to katie, i will also share it with those of you that have been bored loyal enough to keep checking this sorry ass blog to find NOZING for months.

hey! here’s a frida-looking girl!

oh don’t tell me that shit ain’t beautiful. 

that’s all, you say?