thoughts on finding a mexican, dragons, the pryce sucker punch and other ish i like.

tomorrow i have to go find a mexican for my new job. not just any mexican–a tortilla-making one. which made one of my coworkers show me what happens when you try to google map “a mexican.”

which made me revisit one of my favorite mexican blogs and lo and behold! THIS BLOG SPEAKS TO MY LIFE:


but really. Game of Thrones is my new favorite HBO show. it is so good i don’t even know how to handle it. i had NO idea i could sink to those levels of nerdiness. but there i went. and it is a sweet, sweet, spellbound world.

also, fuckin’ joffrey. i wanna go all Pryce v. Campbell on him (rest in peace).

oh man oh man. blogging is hard. siiigh.

i feel like i need training wheels again. that and i am beat from a health kick slash real gym kick in the ass i got today. i am on my fifth day in a row of gym hell. also, i almost passed out on the subway. so, like, get off my back. better posts later!


~ by nadstina on June 6, 2012.

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