so mad men happened: my favorite recaps

hey, chol@s, remember the best thing of your life that happened this weekend??

let me refresh your memory:

yes, mad men finally came back into our lives. and yes, i ran back to roger’s silver embrace. and although i was slightly underwhelmed, i gotta say i am so glad the gang at SCDP is back.

i would have loved to have gotten to hate on la betty, pero what are you gonna do. when i saw they chose not to have her in the episode, i was all like:

but then there was a good handling of tension between peggy and megan, who is NOW WORKING IN CREATIVE (WTF). there were choice moments, though in my opinion, i could always use more peggy.

and then when there was a LOT of joan in her awesome pink power outfit and a careful and responsible handling of race throughout the whole episode. so this was me in my apartment by the end (especially after making myself 3 old fashioneds):

and my cat was all like:

oh, and zou bisou bisou has been stuck in my head ever since.

you know who wouldn’t pull that shit? Faye. just sayin’.

i have more to say, but others said it better, so read an amazing recap via the provider of the gifs, best week ever, via MG.


~ by nadstina on March 27, 2012.

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