via my real pro blog life @goReALTO: the one in which i hate on mesa coyoacán

aight, chol@s, here is my post from ReALTO, aka my surrious blogging life, aka my good ole hate-on-fakexican-taco self. salud!

Mesa Coyacán and the Sad Esquite, Happy Margarita Tacocalypse: A Review

I’ve been wanting to try Mesa Coyoacán since I saw their chef/owner Iván García whip up some esquites the way God intended—with epazote, some chile de árbol, topped with an amalgam of cotija and chile piquín, swirled with Mexican mayo (and let’s face it—if all mayo is delicious, imagine Mexican mayo!).

I know, it sounds a little weird. Or gross. Whatever. But esquites are an essential staple of DF street food and when done correctly, can be the Mexican coleslaw of your dreams. Much like coleslaw, though, if done poorly, they can be watery, too mayo-ey, salty—pretty much everything that makes good food go bad. And Chef García had all the right moves in that video. So when it finally came time for me and the boyfriend to venture into Mesa Coyoacán, I knew two things: I was pumped and I wanted me some esquites.

Mesa is a beautiful place—great if you want to impress a date. Elegantly lit, with the right amount of classy virgencitas, and with a tequila collection that makes an alterlatina like me salivate. This is what Mexican fine dining looks like. And the menu is impressive—chilaquiles, tortas, queso fundido—a pretty varied and well-stocked little Mexican joint. So we ordered us a few things and we were ready to go to town.

read the rest on their site! go go go!


~ by nadstina on March 9, 2012.

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