man, my stats are sad: on why LA hurt my belly but loved my heart

so as many of you know i have a real job that pays and stuff. for that job i often have the pleasure of traveling. and although i am a total chicken shit on flights, and this perk can be a nightmare to me, the truth is that i love traveling and seeing new places.

this time, i went to LA.

i think i had said before that i thought i would hate LA the first time i went. but i loved it. and this time was no different. amidst interviews and home grown grapefruits, i did new things in LA, some that i loved and some that made me glad to haul my little culo back to NYC.

here they are, in order of appearance:

1. thing the first: the Hollywood Roosevelt.

allright, chol@s, for those of you that don’t know, the Hollywood Roosevelt is the haunted hotel where i accidentally booked my stay while in LA. yes, accidentally. i actually had NO idea that this was the home to Marilyn Monroe’s ghost and other espíritus chocarreros. regardless, my friend Kevin and i snuck into the infamous Blossom Ballroom and snapped this pic before we got kicked out. looks like it il always twilight in there.

2. thing the second: In-N-Out burger.

and yes, they are all they are cracked up to be. so good and so bad for me. also, those fries are the best fries i’ve eaten in my life.

3. thing the third: gator sausage.

ah, gator sausage. gator and andouille pork. sounds so good, right? no? really? well, you are half right. it was indeed delicious, and it did indeed make me very ill. it made me cancel on an awesome evening with an amazing journalist friend. i barely got to throw down on some carnitas tacos around that time because i was feeling so gross after the gator. regardless, would i do it again?

4. thing the last: the driving.

holy ish, the driving. ok i did a lot of driving for a new yorker, and def a lot for a non experienced city driver. and i discovered that although LA has the best hip hop stations ever, the driving stresses me the eff out. like big time. so overall, though i heart califas and LA, this BK baby was glad to be back. fo sho.


~ by nadstina on March 2, 2012.

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