and now for food, aka what i wish i was eating

is not this healthy, whole grain pasta with meatless sauce, but rather, behold: THE BEST OF ALL WORLDS: THE HAMBURGER-TORTA or the HORTA!


for those of you like my friend and coworker Isaac who sadly did not know what a torta was, allow me to proceed to change your life (you’re welcome): a torta is the most delightful of all sandwiches EVER. it is a pork/chicken with avocado, tomato, lettuce, mayo, salsa, refried beans and mexican cheese LOVEFEST.

behold, the chicken torta:

oh yeah. you want one. red hook vendors can’t come fast enough.

i have to say, at the beginning, the idea of the horta sorta horrified me. how can one combine two massively delicious meals into one without an explosion of amazing destroying your face?

now i think that there would be no nobler way to be destroyed. nice knowing you, face, but see you later. you had to go down somehow.


~ by nadstina on January 31, 2012.

One Response to “and now for food, aka what i wish i was eating”

  1. OMG … must try one …

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