a series of delayed posts about music and musings

ok chol@s, now is my slower month for work, so now you can expect to read from me. as you may know, i have a real paying job (billz billz billz). and said real job is real demanding. hence the delays and MIAs. shut up; i need to make rent.


defensiveness aside, let’s not fight and let’s get right back to talking about the most important things ever (besides Lupe): music and food.

i’ve been meaning to post about dreamers of the ghetto for a bit, and for full disclosure’s sake, you should know that this is indeed one fo the bands in the boyfriend’s label. but hey, i’m no follower.

i was on the fence for a while about dreamers. i understood the like; i really did. it sounds–for lack of a better word–dreamy, and very sonically pristine. but their style was always a little too U2 for me, much to the chagrin of good music nerd friends who love it precisely because of that. now i am not hating on U2–despite my Bono hate–in the same way that i would not hate on the police despite my Sting disgust. i’m just saying that dreamers was never my go-to TRL band. until now.

this, you guys. this. why isn’t this song playing all the time everywhere?

i mean, seriously. so so SO good. and should be the soundtrack to all of those slow scenes in gossip girl. just sayin.


~ by nadstina on January 31, 2012.

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