a series of posts while i listen to tapes: post the second, or where my emo side is jelly

first of all, an update: i am still listening to about 6 hours of tapes for work.

and i am still packing at home. and lupe is all like:

and i’m all like:

and at work i’m listening to tapes and tapes. and my friend revaz who is now in Nairobi is all like, “hey, what are you listening to lately? hey, what are you watching? hey, rant with me about Drive! hey, check out this band!”

and i listened to the band when i got home. and i like it! and so, here it is, 24 hrs too late:

and if that wasn’t enough to make you want to cry about girls, here is the most cure-ish photo of the most coveted man on the silver screen, like 7 weeks too late:

proceed to squeal. i don’t feel for you because i am listening to love tapes and I FEEL NOZING.


~ by nadstina on November 29, 2011.

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