things today that made me say WTF

ah, sweet research. the time when i delve into the intrawebz and demand that they impress me with eloquent, poignant and bittersweet human interest tales.

and in my hunting, like a nerd through the meme and RSS feed jungle, i have discovered many things. yes, i have. i have discovered many things that made me say WTF, to use the parlane of our medium.

so here they are, my great blogueros. my top 3 WTFs of today, in ascending order:

3. yes, he is no longer trapped in the closet:

and he wants to read all about him. the pied piper of R&B hasn’t made me this amused confused bemused since sex in the kitchen, the crunch munch slurp remix.

2. ummm….spaniards?

i mean…yeah…

1. arizona, ohio and (kinda)mississippi do the right thing?? ALL OF THEM?

don’t get me wrong. i was THRILLED about this. but this is seriously fucking with my perception of reality. so much that i am going to link to fox news, just to show how crazy this is.

mississippi proved that although they still hate black people, at least they hate women a little less. and ohio! you’ve made me proud twice. whoa.


~ by nadstina on November 9, 2011.

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