obligatory (belated) día de los muertos post

ok, so i missed posting this earlier. i am not even gonna make up an excuse.

día de los muertos. aka our better, prettier jalogüín (sorry, gringos, it’s true) came and went. and i was too busy freelancing, researching, and making domestic domicile plans with the boyfriend to post. and for that, raza, i am sorry. but i did do something!


i made my janky altar because this is the first year in a while that we’ve had a close muerto. my step-grandma, Mama Genia, sadly died last year amongst a flurry of medical difficulties, late flights, sleepless nights, and family gatherings.

the death was really sad but the wake was, i have to say, amazing. all of my adopted family laughed and remembered Mama Genia’s salsa moves, the many travesuras they all did growing up, the many small movements or glances that only you recognize from your mom. and i realized that when i die, that’s how i want my wakes to be: full of love, remembrances, laughter, and the warm embrace of siblings that live so far away.

so this year, amongst crazy freelance schedules, needy cats and internet delvings into new couches i set up a small altar for Mama Genia, but really, it was for my stepdad. because nothing broke my heart more than seeing him so sad about his ma.

hope you are peaceful, Mama Genia.


~ by nadstina on November 4, 2011.

One Response to “obligatory (belated) día de los muertos post”

  1. Muchas gracias Patita!

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