well DO you, dios?

because jeebus knows i haven’t had enough sugar today:

give. me. flan. seriously, God.  where is my disembodied blue-white God of Flans flanhand?

my boss showed me that amazing photo today and it spoke to me  for many reasons, not the least being that a lot of my good friends are flying today and this had to be a sign that God has a flan for them. one could say God has a flan for all of us. my God is a fatty God like that. a God that said let there be pigs made of bacon, cows made of cheese, and cakes made of carrots.

also, because of jalogüín today, i have eaten so many kit kat mini-bars that i actually think i may barf up brown. if i don’t regain my self-control, this will be me soon:

and i’m having burgers for dinner! AAARGH!

so in order to prevent my spiral descent into fatdom, i think it may be time for some of these (come on, God. porfis.)


~ by nadstina on October 28, 2011.

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