lunch post the third: where i mention blogs that i am now obsessed with, via @rardesher

ok ok, so i had a ton of these saved in draft, folks. sorry to bombard the blogosphere with my witticisms, but so it goes when one has been blogging late at night and hitting the “save” key.

plus don’t h8 on me. last night instead of hitting “publish,” i was watching Chris Rock’s horrified expressions at Thom Yorke’s spastic white man dances.

anyway! blog i am currently obsessed with!

today, my friend revaz chatted me, probably to give me shit for seeing Radiohead (and by shit i mean friendvy, but who’s counting). and in this process he showed me THE GREATEST BLOG EVER.

here is a sample:

excuse me while i go look at more animals that have a better life than me.



~ by nadstina on September 29, 2011.

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