obligatory grito/mexipendence day post

ok chol@pants, listen up. this week is THE week of Latin American independence. seeing as how most of our homelands did their grito between these days, you KNOW i had to post something about being free.  or freedom. or some shit like that.

i will spare you the socioeconomic rants about what freedom means and about whether or not we are truly independent. by now you know what i think. and you also know what matters to me during these holidays. 

so i thought i would write something in defense of the cheesy shit that makes me happy about independence days. i think i’ve said this before—independence days in the Yunai have a whole different meaning. they are no longer about superiority but rather about identity. they’re not even (sadly) so much about history as they are about our stories. they are less and less about our past and more and more about our present. and for us halfies, that present is a bilingual, cholified, regggaeton-listening, cali-taco-eatin’, nalgas-sayin’, english-swearin’, foreign-mami-translatin’, metal-listenin’, mariachi-cryin’, nuyoricanexican-arjewtino livin’ puebla york tainted reality.

i think in these days, there are 3 things to do:

1. remember our past (whatever that means to us mutts):

2. think about our future:

and in this case, let’s look again at what we can see and hear (and do, if you get the true meaning of this song):

    3. eat, drink and be merry in our present.

so no, i don’t hate all commodified identity holidays. i don’t at all. sound familiar? 

thanks to mex and the city for making me shout with joy today.


~ by nadstina on September 16, 2011.

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