belated nerdout lunch post of the week day: because i’ve been hanging out with the semi-japanese

ok, ok. i admit it: every so often, i fall spectacularly off the blog wagon. it’s thunderous, it lasts longer than it should, and for the time that i am gone, i end up living under the internet equivalent of a rock. eventually, though, i dust myself off and try again.

there’s been a variety of excuses for this in the past. in this round, the first is that at work we’ve been doing a lot more in preparation for the 10th anniversary of the other 9/11. on top of that, my freelance life is picking up steam, meaning that whatever time i am not spending making radio, i am spending making sure no spangrish is broken here.

aaand in addition, there have been some awesomely wonderful developments in my personal life (that is all you get, bitchez. i ain’t kissin’ and tellin’ on the intrawebz–at least not THAT much) that has made it better, but has in turn kept me away from my chrome life.

and theeeen, my very very good friend was visiting from japan, which meant, of course, more time away from the comfort of rss feeds and a keypad, and more time at polish pubs and bluegrass shows. couldn’t be happier.

this is all fine and good for me, but where would i truly be without my googles? i mean, i would just be lost if all my base are belong to anyone else. so i’m back!

and in honor of my good friend and honorary japanese Coo (and not so secret x-files fan–srsly, we were better friends when i saw her rolling stones x-files poster hanging out next to her star wars cutouts. i have such cool friends), i am posting this amazing summary of my teen x-files-watching years, via becko. 



~ by nadstina on September 9, 2011.

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