end of summer mix #2: rock you like a hurricane (sorry, i had to)

ok chol@s, so i know some of you (ahem, Paola) have been on my ass about a mix.

and what’s a better time to post one than after waiting for a big letdown of a hurricane?

with the disclaimers in mind from last time (not trying to win a pissing contest about tunes; these are just the sounds of summer to me, blah blah blah), behold! the end of summer/fuck irene mix:

*  I Follow Rivers — Lykke Li

* 2o Día — Helado Negro

* Black Night — the Dodos

* Swim Until You Can’t See Land — Frightened Rabbit

* Santa Fe — Beirut

* Civilian — Wye Oak

* A Native — Canon Blue

* Heavy Metal Lover — Lady Gaga

* Cold War — Janelle Monae

* That’s My Bitch — Kanye West and Jay-Z

* Tiempo Pa Pensá — Mala Rodriguez feat. Julieta Venegas

* Two Against One — Danger Mouse and Daniele Lupi feat. Jack White

* Baltimore — Tennis

* Mary — Yellow Ostrich

* Riding For The Feeling — Bill Callahan aka Smog

there you go, my musically-inclined nerdozoids. enjoy!


~ by nadstina on August 29, 2011.

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