yes, please, pretty fall outfit.

ok, so i realize my last couple of posts have been anything but classy. and where is life without a little balance, right?

and most importantly, without a little paranoia that makes, say, certain people troll the internet to find a happy place?



some of us are apparently unafraid of most conversation, interviewing congresspeople, walking around bad parts of DC while drunk, and driving exorbitant amounts of time, but shit our pants at the thought of a flight from NYC to Chicago. silly? yes. but at least we’ve learned to self-medicate with lack of sleep and pretty internet things.

like this!

this will be the outfit i will get for myself when i land back home in NYC.

see what i did there? i said when, not if. 

baby steps, intrawebz.

oh, and also, there are more awesome/some awkward outfits here. Care of Kate Dixon!


~ by nadstina on August 18, 2011.

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