via @g5member: gee, this looks familiar.

hey chol@s, remember this?

when i went to LA back in the day and recorded some awesome interviews and hung out with my good friend ADLC, he took that picture of me standing before a personal music geek landmark: the wall where the cover of elliott smith’s Figure 8 was shot. 

when i was in high school, my best friend and i used to lay on our backs on my family’s living room floor and listen to elliott smith’s sad sweet songs and daydream of rainy afternoons in new york city apartments with too little space and too many records. he was in both of our bucket lists—as in we wanted to see him live before we died.

sadly, he beat us to it.

but we did fulfill the small-space-big-media part of our lives rather well—she in her sweet lil’ borough of queenz, me keepin’ it real in the BK.

to this day, elliott smith’s death has been the artist death that has felt the most intimate to me, not because his music is particularly awesome (though i do love it very, very much), but rather because he represents that time of my life when my heart was opening up to friendships, love, future and music. it was a time that i felt very complete, even though i had the intimate knowledge, even back then, that i still had a long way to go.

so when i was in LA and ADLC drove me to this geek site late at night after eating bad pizza and sharing good conversation—and i saw this iconic part of my past defaced, it stunned me. it felt like that part of my growing up process was somewhat beaten up by reality and current life. and although many, many things have changed since i was 16 (and i’m happy to say that they have changed for the better), it was still sad to see my dear elliott’s backdrop torn to shreds by not even good graffiti.

imagine my delight when via his blog i learned that LA is cleaning it up!

yet another reason to ❤ LA. i have no beef, west side.


~ by nadstina on August 12, 2011.

One Response to “via @g5member: gee, this looks familiar.”

  1. Love this post. ❤

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