subway to hell indeed

ok so i don’t normally post long articles here. this is my forum for my rants (ME time. MEMEMEME), and i care not to taint it with other people saying things for me.

but once in a great while, someone has said all that has to be said.

behold this article—by a news source i would not normally quote, even—that perfectly portrays my weekends in brooklyn.

M.T.A. to G Train Riders:

Happy Weekend, Go F Yourself

The weekend is supposed to be a time of respite and relaxation. But it’s not, because if you live in a rather large section of Brooklyn and try to see friends and relatives or go eat a taco in Park Slope, the MTA will actively thwart you at every attempt you make to remove yourself from your immediate surroundings.

Take the G Train. A lot of people in New York City do not care about the G Train, the maligned crosstown line that’s so short you can miss it even if you’re on the platform (readers, it’s an awful thing to see, particularly early in the morning).  But to those who happen to live on the G Train, who live on the G Train precisely because they’re too broke to leave the city on the weekends, including what The New York Times just called “the growing pool of whites” in Bedford-Stuyvesant, the weekends have lately been nothing short of hell. We’re not talking one or two L train weekends; we’re talking weeks and weeks of bad transportation, with no end in sight.

A weekend G train trip for a person in north Brooklyn traveling to Park Slope, for example, typically only involves one train. But lately on weekends, it has required no fewer than four: one G to Bedford-Nostrand, a different G “shuttle” from there to Hoyt-Schermerhorn (which only runs every 20 minutes), the A train one stop to Jay Street, and then the F train south.

“No, it will not be forever,” said an MTA spokesperson when we called, frantic almost to the point of tears at G Train purgatory. “Let’s see… Some changes on the G throughout the rest of August. Last weekend there will be a shuttle bus to Court Square.”

But what are they doing!!!??

“Track work,” she said matter of factly. “They gotta chip out the concrete, take out the tracks, pour new concrete. It’s a big job.”

word. we all lose, BK.


~ by nadstina on August 8, 2011.

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