via @g5member: amazing photos about hard subject matter

i am ALL about shamelessly promoting the amazing tastes, talents and overall coolness of the friends i am so lucky to have.

and when one of them happens to be the type that would be friends with you even if you had met when you were both 13-year-old rage-listening fake metal kids, you know you have basically a bro. and then, on top of that, they turn out to be talented photographers and quality food enablers, and your life is made better by them.

what do you do when you have all of this? you shamelessly promote them on your dinky blog.

check out this heart-breaking article, making sure it gets better with a photograph taken by the talented ADLC, one of my best (and i hope will grow up to be one of my oldest) friends:

Mexico’s LGBT Community Faces

Violence Despite Major

Gains In Civil Rights

MEXICO CITY — The men who killed Quetzalcoatl Leija Herrera, 33, beat him with rocks just steps from the main square of Chilpancingo, about two hours from Mexico City in the state of Guerrero. Exactly two months later, on July 4, the body of 21-year-old Javier Sánchez Juárez was found in Zumpango del Río, just five miles from Chilpancingo. He had also been beaten to death.


~ by nadstina on August 4, 2011.

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