song of the day: and i miss your tender hair, and the way you like to dress.

so as you have already heard along with the rest of the world, our very own brit chola Amy Winehouse has finally said no no no to rehab for the last time…

see, the thing about Amy Winehouse dying is that we ALL saw it coming. i mean, we did. sounds harsh, but it’s true. woman pumped so much shit in her i’m surprised she didn’t explode like an overstuffed piñata.

so why did it shock me so much to hear the news over the weekend? aside from the obvious her-voice-is-so-good-my-head-is-going-to-explode thing, i guess because she was so young. so young that she didn’t even have time to figure her shit out. i mean, how many 27-year-olds do YOU know that actually have their shit together? and don’t get me wrong: Amy particularly did not have her shit together (like my friend Lizzie so wisely put it, in addition to the copious amounts of smack and blow, she was also addicted to toxic men).  so i’m not saying by ANY means that we are all Amy Winehouse.

i am just saying that i was sad to see another amazing artist bite the dust sooner than they should just because they are their own worst drug. and i also sorta had hopes for Amy, her gross white woman’s fro-hive, and her amazing, thick mascara-and eyeliner-wearing, i-don’t-give-a-fuck-red-lipstick-donning, these-pants-are-too-tight-wearing, yes-i’ll-tattoo-that chola ass.

you broke my heart, homegirl.


~ by nadstina on July 25, 2011.

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