guess what i’ll be doing next weekend?

so this weekend i am in western NY visiting the familia, sharing some good foods, good laughs and celebrating the version 5.0 (aka 50th) of my stepfather’s birth. but when i return to puebla york, this is the first thing i will do:

Brooklyn Market: Woodstock of Eating

Published: July 5, 2011

SMORGASBURG, the open-air market held every Saturday in an empty lot on the Williamsburg waterfront, is like a summer rock festival for food: exciting, overwhelming, sweaty, hot. You’ll hit your limit, and then you’ll want more.

now, i picked that photo (my apologies, NYT, but hey, i included the link so that peeps can see the true article) because it features Liza Queen, who is the rockingest girl chef that ever rocked my small north BK hood. she used to have a restaurant there called the Queen’s Hideaway, which was by far the best place my then-boyfriend took me to eat. i will eat the hell out of anything she cooks. and seeing as i have yet to check out Smorgasburg, what a better excuse to do it next weekend!

who’s with me? i promise to eat this as well:


~ by nadstina on July 21, 2011.

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