ay dios mio: mi gente raps about the hardships of a tropical paradise

i mean, i don’t want to h8, because hey, my lil central american homeland is becoming more poverty-stricken every day (how’s that for your vacation destination, gringo?). and i get that, fully.

but! i am also not one to ignore the obvious, and with a rapper called mi leidy, the obvious begins. as in “this is obviously hilarious.” yes, we’re getting more screwed, but hearing costa ricans whine about social unrest when the rest of central america is even more fucked is kind of ridiculous. although yes, costa rica is getting worse economically (thanks, CAFTA). confused about my position yet? well, i am too.

on the one hand, i see the change. my family sees the change. and i feel it. but on the other hand, the cynic in me goes “bitch bitch bitch. at least this isn’t a failed state. stop rapping and start voting smartly.” hey,  i’m allowed hughey freeman moments.

so, with a lil’ bit of tenderness, this made me laugh. it’s kinda bad/kinda awesome.

bring on the vendida talk, chol@s.


~ by nadstina on June 27, 2011.

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