Sounds of Summer 2011

ok chol@s, this is my first attempt at this, so bear with me.

i have tried to compile a summer mix for all of you hotties to get down to. a couple of things to keep in mind for this:

  1. ironically, i rock at protools but suck at lower brow software. so if this mix technically sux, then that’s why. blame the machines, that’s what i say.
  2. this is not a new, thrilling, i’m-gonna-outgeek-you summer mix filled with tracks you don’t know. there may even be one song that references christmas. but hey, my blog, my rules. it’s more like a combo of songs that remind me of summer.

take it as you will!

Scenic World—Beirut
Real Life—Tanlines
Master’s Hands—Charlotte Gainsbourg
Bestia feat. Julieta Venegas—Hello Seahorse!
Everybody But Me—Lykke Li
All I Need’s A Little More—Chikita Violenta
Animal Arithmetic—Jonsi
Lost in the World—Kanye West feat. Bon Iver
No Me Uses—Maluca
Back-Up Plan—Big Boi
Willing and Able—Helene Smith
Holocene—Bon Iver
Where I’m Going—Cut Copy


~ by nadstina on June 23, 2011.

One Response to “Sounds of Summer 2011”

  1. Nice mix, thanks. When do we get part II?

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