found in bushwick (disturbingly so)

so this weekend, my friend tommy and i did the immigrant foodways tour through urban oyster. we basically walked around old buildings in bushwick, heard about when they were made, found out about bootlegging cops and commie pharmacists and got to eat some delicious sancocho, tembleque, roast pork and tostones amongst other awesome things.

this is exciting for many reasons. one, you had me at “food tour.” two, this fulfills one of my prerequisites for an excellent summer: exploring a part of NYC that i did not know before. what a better place to start than at the borough.

also, this was the time that i realized the most that i need an iPhone, like, yesterday. i forgot my camera, and my phone’s camera is from like the 19th century. so….i ate awesome things, but you can’t see them!

what you CAN see is this amazing find from the market we went to.

oh, you’re welcome.


~ by nadstina on June 20, 2011.

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