Beirut’s sunsets are all breathtaking.

i have never, ever, felt closer to what a teenie bopper feels like than i did on friday night at the Northside Festival.

Beirut. ah, Beirut. how how how are you so amazing…

the thing about Beirut that i loved more than anything was that Zach Condon et al looked like they were enjoying the hell out of playing as Beirut. the concert was epic in all ways: there was a terrible thunderstorm with rain and lightning right before the bands came on. then, the sun came but the rain did NOT stop, resulting in this (thanks, BK Vegan):

and then, after the rain and yellow ostrich, came sharon von etten, who if you have not heard, PLEASE DO. amazing.

and then, came Beirut. with all of their glory and fanfare. with their amazing crooning vocals. it was something like this if you didn’t see it:

they even played my favorite song! eeee!

the sound was incredible, the music was played with full-on gusto, and after the rain, it felt as perfect as it could have ever been.

i mean, when i say marry me, Zach Condon, i mean it this time. awesome tattoo and all.


~ by nadstina on June 20, 2011.

2 Responses to “Beirut’s sunsets are all breathtaking.”

  1. Totally jealous. The Shrew’s horn compositions turn me into a lunatic. I just want to run through San Francisco streets with a horn blaring behind me.

  2. ME TOO! this is so my soundtrack: epic, brassy, weird and just a little delightfully kirschy.

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