song of the day: got nuffin’ to lose but bitterness and patterns.

ok, so before i fully disclose my song of the day, i feel like i need a disclaimer:

this is the ONLY Spoon song i have liked since their first album. only.


and here’s why!

i tend to consider Spoon a fairly douchey band. i mean, their followers are mostly frat boys, and when i saw Brit Daniels for the first time at Taste of Randolph St in Chicago back when i was like 20, he acted like a total slobbering mess to try and get in this 16-year-old girl’s pants. distasteful—at the Taste of Randolph Street, no less. and back then it was their Kill the Moonlight days, which is an album i will actually still stand behind.

back then, Spoon was this refreshingly retro-ye- indie rockish pop mix. it was delightful, catchy, fun, summer driving music. it was exciting to think what else they were going to do, like when you meet that 13-year-old kid that’s slightly awkward and you think, “wow, you’re gonna be an awesome 30-year-old. i can’t wait to see what you’ll turn into!”

but then, Spoon hit a period of arrested development. and it was not so pretty: all of their songs sounded the same. all of their fans looked the same…they became the Wonder bread of the indie rock scene. and i’m not even one of those purists that got upset at “I Turn My Camera On” appearing on TV commercials. hey, musicians gotta eat. trust me, i’ve dated them. jobs and moneyz for them =awesome.

what i am is a stubborn girl. i will buy and buy records of bands i once liked, even if i don’t like them anymore, in the hopes that their next one will hold some of the charm of what drew me to them in the first place. i mean, i am the girl that will keep watching Iñárritu movies even though, realistically, i think Amores Perros is the only one that is worth a damn. but with Spoon, after Gimme Fiction, i gave up.

yes, i thought it was that bad (bring it on, haters).

but my music geek friends always give me everything. where would i be without them? probably still listening to only metal (hey, i love me some metal. but i am glad my repertoire has expanded). and my friends america and doug, the best of the said music geeks, gave me Transference.

i put it on my iPod, forgot about it, and this morning on the subway, i hit shuffle. and this came on.

maybe it’s the 100-degree-plus-humidity weather getting to me. maybe it’s the hopes of a better summer. but this song delighted me today. made me feel like driving with the windows down in the mountains or the beach. made me feel so, incredibly, stupidly happy.

so there you go, Spoon. you did it. welcome to my song of the day. now don’t fuck it up.


~ by nadstina on June 9, 2011.

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