on the sunny side of queens

this weekend i completed one of the things on my list of summer resolutions.

my best friend and her bf took me on a walking tour of sunnyside, queenz, which is by all means, a place i would love to live in—-at another time of my life. aka when i am coupled off. or withchild. whichever comes first.

see, i love queens, i’ve never had any hate for it, but it’s definitely not a place that screams vibrant single-person community.

anyway, two of my best and oldest friends live there, both coupled off (see above), and another also coupled off but mostly single living because of this long distance love friend all reside in my neighboring borough. so, definitely gaining critical mass–and my best friend is determined to make me fall in love with her side of the island.

my best friend has been telling me that i would love sunnyside ever since she moved to sunnyside, and she was absolutely right. we went to chola stores, ate an empanada that ended up taking a spill on my red shorts and making me look like a fat kid covered in grease, saw more small children running around with those dress shoes that even make me hurt, ran into a bilingual theater and then walked into haab.

i had eaten at haab before in the burg and was completely unimpressed by their gringo tacos. however, the menu in queens is really, really different. makes me wonder if the chef is another dude, mayhaps even one with torta promise.

haab was super cute. i actually took a kickass photo but then my camera decided to be a bitch and deleted it, forcing me to troll the internetz for pics from haab in queens. here’s sorta what it looks like:

those are jarritos bottles. and as far as i’m concerned, the best use of them.

see, the thing about walking around in queens that made me feel at home was not only the smell of constant comida—-that awesome meal that is not quite dinner not quite lunch but sounds better than dunch—-but rather being in a neighborhood that screams, “spanish is broken here.” it’s refreshing. and it doesn’t hurt that all the taco signs had lengua, flor de calabaza and menudo. welcome home (someday), queens.


~ by nadstina on June 6, 2011.

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