we dance to the beat of distorted knowledge passed on.

some weekends feel very puebla york. some weekends you stay out too late, you smoke too many cigarettes, you let the sun warm the top of your head too much. some weekends you see old friends that remind you where you are and encourage where you’re going.

some weekends long lost people with your last name try to connect with you. and you see them try, and when they talk to you about what they think your life is, you realize more than ever who really knows you. and not with bitterness or with pain, but rather with a feeling of reality as strong as the hot concrete radiating out of this city you call home, you find your constant. you get your bearings. your norte, under your skin like the stories from your own ma, and you feel incredibly, incredibly lucky for the real family that you have, friends, blood, and otherwise, and you let sleep wander away, and through it all, you wish you took more photos.


~ by nadstina on June 1, 2011.

2 Responses to “we dance to the beat of distorted knowledge passed on.”

  1. Esta muy linda la reflexión! Tus frases suenan cada vez más citadinas.

  2. We feel lucky to be close to you, baby! Thanks for everything!

    Ma & Cal

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