now i want tres leches.

my boss and i are having a swarthy person’s dessert-off.

he claims the italians have us beat with this:

now, i am not always a hater, thousands hundreds dozens of loyal readers. i will give the italians their amazing bread, pasta, wine, superior olive oil, sublime use of fresh parsley and basil…but when it comes to dessert, i am partial to our very own tres leches:

moist, delicious, eat-it-for-breakfast dessert. the way dessert should be. and not, as he deprecatingly called it, “like some entemann’s pound cake with icing or something?”

clearly he is wrong and i am right. what do you think?


~ by nadstina on May 18, 2011.

4 Responses to “now i want tres leches.”


  2. I agree!!

  3. tres leches FTW!! now i want some and i’m not in pilsen anymore. guess you know what i’ll be eating for dinner…

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