dude. where is this blu mural?

ok, chol@s. many, many of you know my obsession with blu. i mean, he is genius.

and today, buzzfeed tells me that this beauty is somewhere in my fair puebla york:

a quick set of internet snooping clicks has led me to deitch studios.

soho. i love to hate you, and now i am gonna have to just love you. until i hate you again. which will be soon.

and the beauty of this (pun fully intended) is that we, nueva york,  are lucky enough to be part of a list that includes bogotá, buenos aires, berlin, madrid and this beauty from lisbon:

how can one city hold so much radness, you say?

i ask myself that every day. because even a bad day in nueva york is waaay more interesting than a bad day anywhere else. this is the city of perpetual adolescence. this is the city of constant noise. this is the city of limited releases and bad mixes. this is the city of top five choices. this is the city of walls, physical and state of being, of graf art like no other (also in both contexts). and with all of its mess, all of its complication, all of its endless hours of work, this is the city of best friends and tight brick walls, of small comforts that fit you unnoticed ike the seams of clothes, of endless mess that’s nothing but art and beauty.

it’s a monster. and you love every second of it.


~ by nadstina on May 11, 2011.

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