obligatory cinco de mayo post of the day.

ok, ok, gringos that are all about mexican st. patrick’s day. let’s get something straight.

as you all know, i am a hater. i love to hate more than a spring breaker loves body shots. and on this the holiest of all days–cinco de mayo–there is no better reason to do it.


i mean, after all, if you’ve read any mexican history at all, you would know that cinco de mayo means basically nothing. sadly.

sadly because it’s one of MANY invasions that mexico has had to survive.

and that’s pretty much it–one battle in Puebla that Europeans thought brown people wouldn’t win. so it’s sorta like a david and goliath thing, except it happened over and over and over again.

but i digress.

what i mean is, i’m gonna put all the hate aside because i’m actually all about this ridiculous, sombrero-wearing, taco-eating, tecate-drinkin’ day. i am not impervious to cultural significance or to the fragile and schitzo identity that we Latinos have en los yunai estates. i understand that some festivities go beyond what they originally were and take on a whole slew of other meanings. think thanksgiving. how else could be post-colonialist POCs enjoy a holiday that is all about betrayal, massacre, and chicken-pox-infested blankets?

claiming to not enjoy cinco de mayo because you are a hot-headed Latina is like claiming to not like christmas because you are not a christian.

so what do we do? we make tamales on the 24th. we pour some mole on that turkey. we claim it back. and i am basically all about any holiday that involves good food and good drinks.

per example: the margarita. that terrible frozen atrocity that many a dallas bbq in manhattan serves up, much to all of mi gente’s chagrin.

like this crazy semi-holiday, margaritas, when done right, can be delicious. this is true of most things. for example, you DON’T have to slushie it up:

you can have a classically done, nice agave tequila–or mezcal if it’s NOT agave…i mean, get it right–and still feel like you have your dignity at the end of the day.

so enjoy the cinco, do it with dignity. learn from the past, yes. enjoy the present? si señor.


~ by nadstina on May 6, 2011.

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