once again, looking up to Quino.

hello, blog minions.

i realize that every so often, i will fall off the blog wagon and not write for a while. maybe it’s because i finally have a life, maybe it’s because i’ve been sleeping and puking all day due to frozen crab cakes (fuck you, trader joe’s). but the point is, sometimes you have to hit rock bottom to get back to the top.

i had some real clever posts lined up, including one with a picture of jesus that says BRB for right after easter, courtesy of my friend Katie. but alas, time has passed.

in the passing of said time, i have traveled to DF, failing to meet a friend but successfully being there for my papastro in his hour of need, come back to NYC to misty afternoons, sunny days, some food poisoning split in two rounds, and because of spending the day home due to said food poisoning, blogging! again.

after my travels, my stepfather sent me the following, aptly accurate, Quino cartoon about Latin American politics:

Quino will forever be the man. maybe my next tattoo should be a Mafalda….


~ by nadstina on April 26, 2011.

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