hi, sally. i’m back.

mighty hello.

i promise, my faithful readers, that i will soon explain the headline of this post. but before that, a brief explanation as for my lazy blogging.

out of respect for my papastro and the rest of the familia, i will not go into too much detail. suffice it to say that we had a death in the family, and in good ole estilo jalisco, it was epic, long, and very very sad.

after 4 days of not sleeping, i flew back into La Guardia to have my plane STRUCK BY LIGHTNING. that’s right, the impossible happened, and i actually, in all seriousness, thought i was going to die. let no one fool you, death on an airplane is EXACTLY like the first season of LOST.

except i didn’t die (i don’t think). and now i am nursing an awesome mexican stomach bug ( i do think), hence being able to be home for a bit and indulge my internet sweet tooth.

now, back to the headline.

before the vacation, i had the privilege of being told about the existence of a reel of Tarantino bloopers available to anyone who just goes to youtube and looks up “hi sally.” of COURSE there is more to this story:

Quentin Tarantino, being an advanced and genius of a man, knew that in order to foster a good creative environment, he had to edit with someone who he trusted to make choices without him–and i say “advanced and genius of a man” because he knew that the best match in this boys club of a world for him would be a woman: the ever amazing (sadly may now rest in peace) Sally Menke. she is the powerhouse mama responsible for all of your most <3’ed Tarantino movies, and was also, as all of us editors are, an unsung hero of the making of the story.

now, Tarantino knew all of this, so whenever his actors would fuck up onscreen, he would ask them to turn to the camera and say hi to his “lonely editor Sally who is sitting in a room by herself” cutting away, splicing together, making art have heart, leaving no trace.

now that Sally is gone (tragic death, really) the two compilations of “hi sallys” have much more of a bittersweet effect. here is one:

and the best:


~ by nadstina on April 20, 2011.

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