i don’t even know what to do with this.

the following photo is entirely appropriate:

my friend tommy chatted me this today and it totally made me feel better.

it’s appropriate for many reasons:

  1. i am a certified cat lady, and this was too much, even for me. hence the laughter.
  2. the making me laugh made me feel better because today has been a rough day in the tropics. but then again, it’s rough sometimes.
  3. my sister’s cat is in heat, so this was a triple play!

editor’s note: for those of you who have never seen a cat in heat, please do. there is not a better reason to spay your girlcats. i am telling you, this poor cat wants to get some so badly, it’s almost a little pathetic in that nature-wins kind of way.  mostly, though, we all love the furrball so it’s been a lot of compassion for those in dire need of getting laid around this house.

siigh. so yeah. rough day in the tropics.

it’s always rough coming home. it’s always rougher when home is this enigmatic, mixed word that is not anchored in geography. it’s always rough when you add to that the complications of my family, the exhaustion that naturally comes before a vacation…and the reality that parts of your family love you very much but don’t really get you or get many things about you. put those ingredients together, mix, and you have yourself a rough day in the tropics.

and i get it. i get that i’m a tough galleta to swallow. i get that for anyone here it’s hard to understand that i may need to write in english, that i still feel in spanish–to a certain degree–and that my step family is as important to me and does indeed get all that i am better than some of my blood relatives.

and see, the bitch of it is that if you want to get to know me, even with all of my contradictions, it’s quite easy–i really am an open book. i piece puzzles. i trace maps. i even spell things out. so if you know how to look, if you’re curious to ask, i’m here. and i’m in. but you have to be curious to ask and curious to hear. and i get it. that’s hard.

so until that day of open curiosity comes, i am here:  soaking in the sun, listening to las tortugas do old soda stereo covers with cousins who are like sisters, hanging out with cats who want their backs rubbed until they get some, planning coffee breaks with friends who don’t care about radio silence, forever getting used to rough days in the tropics. and then going home.

bring it on.


~ by nadstina on April 4, 2011.

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