puerto viejo, talamanca, family, burned skin.

so this week i had an adult vacation, or a heterosexual life partner vacation, or a fake gaycation, depending on how you want to look at it. my best girl from college Rita and i had been talking about traveling together forever, and being both central american cholas, we really had no idea how it had not happened yet.

well, this was our year. her bro was getting married in costa rica (because why wouldn’t you; it’s lovely out here) so she was here already. and me? i have familial obligations that i work hard to balance with my wanderlust and my need to keep a hold of myself. so rita being here meant a beach getaway to puerto viejo, a town in talamanca, costa rica, vibrating with jamaican culture and food, european expats, black costa ricans, black sand beaches, jungle, and lizzards that scream like roosters.

we spent a week in this part of limón, soaking in the sun, fried fish, crickets, starry nights, imperial and as today attests, fried skin. yes, i did melt como gringo en el trópico. but we had us a blast. and more than just connecting with the caribbean on my own terms, the best part was sharing it with a friend who is more than family, someone who gets your spanglish, your travels, your past, and all in between.


~ by nadstina on April 2, 2011.

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