because this may need some ‘splainin.

ok, ok, so the background to this story is that i have a total lack of connection to pop culture recently (sad, i know–but i’m about to go on vacation, which means the blogging is back on full-force).

but i digress.

so my friend conor chats me this:


maybe you all already think it’s hilarious because you know about this:

but i didn’t!

so my first thought was like, “conor, wtf with this racist jpeg, meng?” so i said, “i don’t get this” and he was like, “oh, it’s this thing with a song that’s like the new justin beiber, blah blah,” and he’s thinking “you’re the asshole that read it that way…”

so i went ahead and watched the aforementioned video. which i got thanks to this one dude who linked me. yeah, if you send me more hijinx links you get a shout out too, ese.


~ by nadstina on March 24, 2011.

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