your daily lunch post: don’t do it, gringo.

ok, so over the weekend, i took two of my awesome honorary latina friends to eat at la superior.

now for those of you puebla yorkinos unlucky enough to have never eaten at la superior–you are wasting your LIFE. they really are the best tacos, real taquería style, esquites, tacos de lengua, the best carnitas…seriously. go now. whatever you are doing is not important enough.

anyway, so we go to stuff our faces full of tacos and tequila. and lo and behold, beauty before my eyes.

every once in a while, life smiles on you and says, “ok, bloggerina, you’ve had a hard week. want some spanglish eye candy? yes? there you go:”

Please do not eat the banana leaves. No, really. do NOT do it. which means that at some point, someone tried (and for their tripas’ sake, i hope they failed).

so now you know: take the taco, leave the banana leaf. de nada.


~ by nadstina on March 21, 2011.

One Response to “your daily lunch post: don’t do it, gringo.”

  1. This is so funny!

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