promesas son promises: the rest of the mami care package

ok ok, so i’ve been neglectful. but you should know, chol@s, that one of my upcoming goals for the year (why yes, i AM using manager speak) is to be a better blogger. lucky you, more of me! but content = life = content. which just means you get to hear read me bitch more.

and also share more! hey, i’m not all hate. i’m sugar and spice, azúcar.

so now, for a little of both.

hi, i’m the master of this domain. you may remember me from such posts as this one.

got it? now back to me.

as promised, the mami and the papastro sent me an amazing amazing amazing care package. and yes, i am sharing it all with you, my loyal 12 readers. because it is  amazing. times three. three times:

but wait. there’s more:

ah, mami. and FINALLY–the most badass of them all:

that’s all, folks! g’night!


~ by nadstina on March 18, 2011.

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