lupe, that sweater’s not a take-home.

hello, blog. meet lupe:

she’s the so-ugly-she’s-a-cutie-pie, non-flat-faced persian that is trying to fill the kitty-shaped hole in my heart.  really, though, she’s more like carving out one of her own. she’s got total personality, making her voice heard meowing like a metronome every morning at 6:30 AM (who needs alarm clocks) and being a total cat in headlights when i catch her on the kitchen table or trying to sneak a scratch onto the couch.

i have to say it’s been pretty great having her around. though i admit at times when she’s sleeping really still i do wake her up to make sure she’s still breathing.

i guess the pepa-shaped hole will never fully heal. but for now, i am welcoming lupe into my life. and i mean, she’s already begging to be referenced to in arrested development quotes ad nauseum (to everyone’s disgust but my friend stacey’s and mine, seeing as we still giggle like 13 year olds whenever we quote it).

and there’s THIS gem. everything about this is my new way of life:


~ by nadstina on January 22, 2011.

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