bienvenidos a miami

so part of the reason why i’ve been internetz free is because work took me to the art-deco, cuban-chic, pastel-color beach world that is miami.

miami is also the home of such fine institutions as this one:

as you can see, you can lease sassy assy. so get to it, sassy assy-ers!

i have to say that for being such a weird beachside world, i loved miami. and i loved eating ropa vieja and talking to old cubans while driving a white car that reeked of frat parties and booming reggaeton. i am not even being sarcastic here. i truly had a great time.

so i am embracing the genre, and for once, i’m ok with a city that hosts roads with names such as the dolphin expressway. das right, fresh prince.


~ by nadstina on December 9, 2010.

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