thanks a lot, g train fail.

ok so first of all, i’d like to just put it out there and say that i am an advocate for the g train. there, i said it. it’s not THAT bad, nor has it kept me waiting longer than, say, the F, which is a train that gets much undeserved glory.

but! two nights ago, in what we now know as hailmageddon, the g train decided that it was just too wet outside for it to run and MTA decided to tell us g-train riders and defenders to suck it, and walk from classon ave all the way to atlantic only to hop on the q to the l to bedford and then walk home.

one hour and jeans 15 lbs heavier with water after what appears to be a useless umbrella later, i was home. so here i am, now hatin. sorry, g. you made me do it.

via buzzfeed.


~ by nadstina on October 13, 2010.

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