happy tico independence

so i started today by googling images of costa rica so i could write a happy post about my own personal costa rica in the midst of my citizenship test, where i will have to deny all loyalties going forward.

guess what happens when you google image search costa rica???

if you guessed blond girls with fake boobs you are my new psychic best friend. how sad is it that when you do an image search for a country of great natural beauty and hidden cultural treasures you get a girl with her treasures not so hidden. and also a blond one. my crusade against brown men loving blond women continues. so sue me.


anyway, i went to the heart of the matter…which for me, means the stomach. lo and behold my top five favorite tico foods in jpeg form:

1. enyucados

yes, i am a sucker for anything fried. these are delightful yuca morsels with ground seasoned beef in the middle. pan seared in olive oil and with fresh tomatoes on the side and you are in heaven.

2. tamales ticos

say what you will (and i will) about mexican tamales. maybe oaxaqueños hold a candle to these…but i’m not even sure. perfectly seasoned corn dough, chicken, beef, AND pork (it is a noah’s arc of meats), a little rice, green peppers, carrots and an olive….all wrapped in a banana leaf and steamed. amazing. can’t even do it justice. and neither does this photo but trust me, it was the best available.

3. pati limonense

this is a jamaican empanada. yes, it’s like a patty (it’s exactly like a patty) but made in costa rica. and i like the ones in tamara’s better so sue me.

4. pescado limonense

a delightfully seasoned red snapper. fresh off the boat. like me! and cooked in garlic, onion, tomatoes, cucumber, cilantro and fried in coconut oil. jamaica meets costa rica and i want to live there.

5. gallo pinto

this is the staple of every costa rican farmer’s breakfast. frijoles, rice, onions, garlic, red peppers and cilantro all cooked together with a tangy veggie sauce, served with fresh natilla and homemade tortillas and plantains…i want this to be my breakfast every day…except nothing would make me more panzona.


~ by nadstina on September 15, 2010.

3 Responses to “happy tico independence”

  1. Brown men love blonde women, blonde women love brown men, blonde men love brown women, brown women love blonde blonde men … it might just be enough to avoid war one of these centuries.

    Costa Rica sure does look like it has its share of culinary debts.

  2. it’s all too delicious.

  3. […] i will spare you the socioeconomic rants about what freedom means and about whether or not we are truly independent. by now you know what i think. and you also know what matters to me during these holidays.  […]

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