juarez femicide. so hot right now.

this made me spill my café con leche all over the place. sometimes i can’t believe the shit people think they can get away with. really, MAC? really?

MAC & Rodarte Apologize For Their

New”Juarez”Inspired Makeup

It was only a matter of time before narcoviolence became hot. MAC in a partnership with high-fashion brand Rodarte have created a new line of makeup to be released in September inspired by the Mexican border town of Juarez for which they have already had to apologize. Of course, the tastefulness of giving makeup names like “Factory” and “Ghost Town” alongside a shade of nail polish named “Juarez,” after the town so riddled with narcoviolence it’s been the named the deadliest city in the world two years in a row by Citizen’s Council for Public Security, has already been called into question by fashion writers across the blogoverse. Cue the public statements from the two brands who, like, had no idea their edginess could harsh everyone’s buzz so vigorously.

via guanabee via ADLC.


~ by nadstina on July 20, 2010.

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