welcome to the brownosphere, new york times.

once again, white MSM picks up something that is served at every cantina and acts all shocked and shit when they figure out it tastes good. here we are, once again, improving your shitty beer. you’re welcome.

Case Study | It’s Michelada Time

While it continues to astonish me how the michelada — the Mexican doctored beer that is a godsend in these dog days — remains unknown even to many of my well-traveled drink-hound friends, there’s also something about that which I enjoy. Most Mexican restaurants in New York, both high and low on the ladder, pull a puzzled face when you request one.

It remains that magnificent treat you somehow only remember when you cross the border to Mexico, plunking into a cafe seat on that first exhausting afternoon, contemplating what to order. Suddenly it hits that you are back in the land of micheladas. The first sip occasions the same reaction: Why don’t I drink these all the time? Some treats are best savored in their natural habit. But when New York becomes synonymous with the Sonoran Desert, bringing Mexican heat-wrangling know-how to one’s home glass is a savvy tactical maneuver.


~ by nadstina on July 19, 2010.

3 Responses to “welcome to the brownosphere, new york times.”

  1. I responded to their tweet today by saying “pair it was al pastor.” I’m sure some tweet-intern-doy-doy scratched his/her head when they read it. I’ve been drinking micheladas since I was two!

  2. I meant “pair it WITH al pastor.” (@*#

  3. hahahaha i hope they thought you meant a shepherd.

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