this is how i like to take my veggies

all the answers are indeed in the new york times:

Bloody Mary, the Liquid Salad

I grew up thinking of the bloody mary as a joyless drink. It was a corrective after a night of head-cramping excess: the pitiable hair of the shameful dog. Or it was a quasi-sanctioned, quiet way for the booze-dependent to begin a sort of intravenous drip of alcohol early in the day. Either way, the bloody mary struck me as medicinal.

Evan Sung for The New York Times

The Chicago Matchbox at Prune, a vodka-based bloody with pickled Brussels sprouts, caper berries, white turnips, green beans and radishes.

Today it strikes me as a free for all — a celebratory, ecstatic one at that. And my changed perspective has more to do with the drink’s progress than my own education and evolved hedonism. Once a distinct species, the bloody mary is now a broad, wildly permissive genus characterized by the pre-eminence of tomato and by some degree of zing.

via becko.


~ by nadstina on July 12, 2010.

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