apologies from your friendly neighborhood employed blogger.

so ok, as i’m sure a lot of you know, i happen to have a real job. as in one that pays my billz billz billz and not my blogging addiction hobby. often this job involves headphones and sitting at my desk, hence me being able to post (i’m a masta multitaska, protools agent of disasta). not this week!

this week i was in MN (fact still am) meeting with other mostly white people of my field (yeah yeah yeah, there were some POCs). but in all seriousness, i’ve been meeting tons of great folks that make me love my job, and some greater that make me want to make my job better (love you, audio people who do not fear the intrawebz). and since this is a 24-hrs a day thing, i have NO energy to surf the webz.

but i digress.

soon i will be back to making my every taste public. so hang tight, raza. for now i leave you with this, the best image to recap my life, from my one and only true love, buzzfeed.


~ by nadstina on June 11, 2010.

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