going back to my rootz

musically, that is. this is a rainy day in brooklyn, which aside from being such a pathetic fallacy, also happens to be the day that i am convinced that all of my music sucks and i need new shit to listen to.

friday i hit the caribou show at music hall of williamsburg, and at the risk of sounding officially old, MSW SUCKS. man, the bass was mic’d so hot that the hairs in my arms were shaking. it made the vocals impossible to hear. and it lasted FOREVER, prompting me and my also aging friend to be like, “awww an encore? really?”

conclusion: if MSW is capable of ruining the ever-great caribou, i am capable of ruining its face. never going back.

which brings me to my next point! i got swim on vynil and have rekindled my crack addiction for more new music. so i guess recommend away? dancey plz.

oh, btw, this awesome soviet beatles shop comes from my #1 blog crush, the daily what. also, i didn’t blog because i was like having fun and stuff this weekend. get off my back.


~ by nadstina on May 12, 2010.

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