song of the day: se cree que con dios conectando a uno conecta a diez.

thirty years ago yesterday padre romero was assassinated, and many times when i get sad about him dying (and when i listen to this song), many gringos agree that it is sad, but there’s the inevitable “did your family know him? why are you so sad?” questions.

it’s almost like it’s inconceivable to be truly truly sad over someone you don’t know. and yes, in a way, i think it’s not the same as when i get sad about my abuelito manuel or anything like that. but aside from the obvious this-is-so-fucking-unfair, how-could-you-kill-someone-that-was-defending-the-poor political mentality (which don’t get me wrong, i TOTALLY share) here’s the thing with romero that always makes me cry around this time: it was a matter of time and place.

my family happened to be doing their work in costa rica. my family happened to escape chile. my family happened, by pure luck, to NOT be born in el salvador. but if they had, they would be dead. and tortured. at least.

so yes, it could have been me. it could have been you, too. and that’s the truly terrifyingly fucked up nature of this sadness. it could have been. and he could have been alive.

you can also hear a recording of the last mass (and faintly, the shooting) of romero here.


~ by nadstina on March 25, 2010.

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