because i’m sad

i’m gonna make happy posts, i promise. but for now, you’re gonna have to deal with a couple of sad bastard posts.

because well… for a period of four days only, i had a beautiful calico maine coon kitty named gloria. she’s the sweetest ever (one could even say she has a dog personality) and she looked sorta like this:

(but that’s not really her, she was way cuter and furrier in real life).

anyway, because i have allergies, i thought that my respiratory system could handle a maine coon from a shelter–maine coons are hypoallergenic, sorta.

but she’s a blend, and my face is too diva to not get itchy and runny and just swollen.

my gorgeous friend maris.tella is going to take her and love her, and i can’t imagine a better home for her…yet i’ve gotten attached. she nudges me awake every morning after i hit snooze and sleeps next to me with her paw over her face.

i really wish i could keep her. she’s the sweetest cat i have ever known.


~ by nadstina on March 24, 2010.

2 Responses to “because i’m sad”

  1. She looks so pretty!!! Sorry.

  2. […] is a recent lost convert. which just adds another layer of wonderfulness to her. she even named the kitty formerly know as gloria “Penny.” guess from […]

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