song of the day: every night there’s a new name on her arm that i don’t think i recognize

one of the best things about moving for geeks like me is getting to go through your record collection and rediscovering some gems from the past as well as some compilations that you forgot you had. i start the year with my record collection organized alphabetically and chronologically (*meh*) but by the end it’s kind of a chaotic mess, with my favorites for the year stacked right next to the receiver.

well, last night as i was packing, i discovered a mix given to me by my last serious boyfriend. nostalgia/heartbreak aside, it’s a damn good mix. and i had forgotten how awesome this song was until last night. can’t wait for the new record (music/life/love–the endless metaphor! mwahahaha):


~ by nadstina on February 11, 2010.

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